Candidates 2008

All candidates
in contested judicial elections (for the Circuit Court Judgeships)
will be asked to sign the Candidate Agreement form, which
indicates that they have read the Standards and accompanying
Commentary and that they agree to adbide by these Standards
during the course of their campaign. They also agree to
have their campaign staff do the same.

will publish the names of the candidates who have voluntarily
agreed to abide by these Standards.

of February 12, 2008  

who have filed for election to judicial office
who have signed the Candidate Acknowledgement Form,
agreeing to abide by the MDJCCC Standards
Judicial Circuit
(Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester)
Daniel M. Long  
Judicial Circuit
(Caroline, Cecil, Kent, Queen
Anne’s and Talbot)
Broughton "Bo" Earnest Broughton "Bo" Earnest
Philip Carey Foster  
Michael F. O’Connor  
J. Frederick Price J. Frederick Price
Judicial Circuit
(Baltimore and Harford)
H. Edward Andrews III  
Thomas J. Bollinger, Sr.  
Angela M. Eaves Angela M. Eaves
Steven J. Scheinin  
Pat Stringer Pat Stringer
Charles F. Wagner  
Judicial Circuit
(Allegany, Garrett, and Washington)
No Candidates  
Judicial Circuit
(Anne Arundel, Carroll, and
Tim McCrone Tim McCrone
Michael Wachs  
Judicial Circuit
(Frederick and Montgomery)
Robert Alan Greenberg Robert Alan Greenberg
Mary Beth McCormick Mary Beth McCormick
Judicial Circuit
(Calvert, Charles, Prince
George’s, and St. Mary’s)
Andre Michael Chapdelaine Andre Michael Chapdelaine
Larnzell Martin, Jr.  
Crystal Dixon Mittelstaedt  
Albert W. Northrop  
Nicholas Elias Rattal  
Judicial Circuit
(Baltimore City)
Charles G. Bernstein Charles G. Bernstein
Emanuel Brown  
Yvette Michelle Bryant Yvette Michelle Bryant
Timothy James Doory Timothy James Doory
John Addison Howard John Addison Howard
Robert B. Kershaw Robert B. Kershaw
George Levi Russell, III George Levi Russell, III
Pamela Janice White Pamela Janice White